Last week i had the pleasure of attending a global tourism marketing event held in Brussels—DTTT Global—Disrupting the Future Destination.

The 6th anniversary of the travel marketing event brought together travel marketers from Europe, Asia and North America to share in best practices for marketing destinations.

Reminiscent of Online Revealed, the Canadian Conference I co-produced for 10 years, #DTTTGlobal has brought together education, community and inspiration to the global travel community. The flagship event, along with the other programs that The Digital Tourism Think Tank produce, provides a platform for Destination Marketers to be inspired, test innovation – and to share in best practices in marketing travel online.

Leveraging the stories, the people and the energy from last week’s event in Brussels, I will be drafting some summaries of takeaways in the coming few weeks. Until then, my recap of my week in Brussels.

As we head into 2017 in just a few weeks, it is time to reflect on strategies and tactics that drive new visitation, more engagement, and more conversions – and to prepare to pivot again as the digital ecosystem will once again shift before budgets and plans can adjust.

Top 10 Highlights of My Adventure in Brussels with #dtttglobal

  1. Working alongside the #DTTT team and watching them work tirelessly to prepare an event that would deliver inspiration and drive innovation.
  2. Meeting and sharing stories with travel marketing professionals from around the Globe, and seeing just how small a world this is.
  3. Seeing that the challenges we face in marketing travel are Global, and knowing that there is a growing global network of professionals ready to share, help and inspire.
  4. Le GrandPlace is awe inspiring. I cried walking into it at night for the first time.
  5. It’s all about people.  Nick, Ramona, Ilaria, Rob, Jeffrey, Emma, Roberta (virtually) and all of the amazing people the Think Digital Travel team brought together.  I look forward to our continued adventures and thank you for inviting me along for the ride.
  6. Content is King is still a thing.
  7. We destination marketers know how to pull the heart strings with video.
  8. BeautifulDestinations. Enough said.
  9. Love of Beer and Food is universal among travel marketers.
  10. We have come along way in marketing destinations – and we are about to embark on much more as digital and social continue to challenge and inspire us!

I’m already planning my journey to Copenhagen for #ContentCampus in March!

Alicia Whalen
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Alicia Whalen is a digital marketing expert speaker and strategist specializing in the travel and tourism industry. Alicia has spent over a decade driving successful digital marketing campaigns and educating professionals about how to embrace digital and social media.

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