How to Drive ROI in Social Media Marketing

Marketers have not truly unlocked the potential of social media, and specifically user-generated content (UGC) in driving brand awareness, engagement and ultimately transactions.

US marketers are projected to spend $16.2 billion in social media advertising by 2019 (Forrester Research), and brands are spending time and resources curating content, sharing and interacting with potential customers on social media channels, and managing customer relationships.

The question remains, what is the ROI on Social Media marketing? Are we truly harnessing the power of social and user-generated content to drive transactions?

There are billions of photos, comments and videos being created and shared every day by users who are telling stories and sharing experiences about your brand?

Content being produced and shared daily:

  • More than 4 Million Hours of content uploaded to Youtube
  • 3.6 Billion Instagram Likes each day
  • 4.3 BILLION Facebook messages posted daily
  • 5.75 BILLION Facebook likes every day
  • 40 Million Tweets shared each day

(source: www.gwava.com )

Marketers need to harness the power of crowd sourced and shared UGC as part of the marketing mix – with a focus on leveraging social stories to drive sales.


Consider how many brand websites have a direct call-to-action, and link to “Visit us on Facebook” or Follow us on Instagram” – taking customers off page to Instagram or Facebook.

-Some of those outbound links are even right off of the website home page.




In addition to spending marketing dollars on creating content for social media, managing customer relations, listening to customer experiences, and boosting social posts – brands are inviting  customers to “Follow us” on social media.

– Ultimately driving the customer away from the point of transaction.

Unless a social post goes viral, brand social media posts are perishable pieces of content for Instagram and Facebook that may not ever be seen by the customer.  In fact, Facebook’s posts on brand pages will not even reach those that “Like” a brand page without a paid “boosted post” or Ad Spend – and even if it does, it is buried in newsfeed and cluttered with Ad content.


A Social Commerce strategy is necessary in this socially connected digital economy.

Think with Google advocates the importance for brands of being available at all points along the customer path-to-conversion, noting the multiple consumer touch points along the road to transaction.  Additional research from Deloitte points to the importance specifically of social media and UGC as a primary source for researching travel (as an example) – ranking second (33%) only to friends and family direct referrals(50%).

There is no question that user-generated and brand-generated social content bring value to the customer relationship, and build brand awareness.

Ultimately a socially integrated sales and marketing strategy should link UGC to a measurable point of transaction, with metrics that illustrate the ROI in social media marketing efforts.

Pulling in UGC content, and using social  media channels to direct customers down the path to purchase – and to the brand website is the the key to measuring the ROI on social media – and to fully leveraging the power of social word of mouth.


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Alicia Whalen
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Alicia Whalen is a digital marketing expert speaker and strategist specializing in the travel and tourism industry. Alicia has spent over a decade driving successful digital marketing campaigns and educating professionals about how to embrace digital and social media.

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