UGC should drive visitors down the path to purchase - to transact.

UGC Marketing

Visual Storytelling and Social Commerce

Recognizing early the power of visual storytelling from crowdsourced, social content for brands, Alicia co-founded the social media integration software platform Hashtagio, and began working with brands to integrate powerful social stories into brand owned digital assets.

The Disconnect

Brands don’t own their assets on social media. Both user generated content, as well as brand generated content is living on “rented” spaces on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest, and Twitter.


Marketers adapted so quickly to social media as a marketing tactic, but have not closed the loop to bring customers back through the buying funnel to transact.

Measuring Social Media ROI

It is not just about the Technology

Brands require a long term strategy for leveraging UGC and visual marketing assets to drive customers to transaction. Displaying galleries of social stories on the website is not enough. Social media content can be leveraged to drive customers down the path to purchase to transaction – to deliver a measurable ROI on social media marketing.

Alicia has partnered with the world’s largest social media management agency, ICUC Social to launch their new fully managed Social Commerce solution.With clients that include Sony, Macdonald’s, Thomas Cook and Keurig, ICUC Social brings over a decade of experience in Social Listening, Community Management and Content Strategy, Risk Management, and Social CRM.

The fully managed Social Commerce platform will provide ICUC clients the ability to leverage the power of UGC and social content to drive transaction, and measure the ROI in social media.

In today’s world, you are not a brand or a business without a Digital First approach to marketing, sales, commerce, CRM, and even brand experience.

Work with Alicia for your Social Commerce strategy