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Digital Marketing Speaker Alicia Whalen

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A regular speaker at tech and travel and technology industry conferences, Alicia has partnered with such media giants as; Blackberry, eCornel, YAHOO!, Facebook Canada, Travel Alberta, and ViaRail to provide innovative keynote social media marketing presentations, educational workshops, webinars and training sessions.

Popular Speaking Topics:

1. What it takes to thrive in a Digital First Economy

Sales and Marketing Professionals, Executives, and CEO’s need to understand how the Digital First Economy has shifted the way consumers buy products and services, how they make their buying decisions, and what they expect from the brand. This session focuses on the fundamentals of a Digital First Marketing approach including:

Digital First Masterclass

The Website and the Fundamentals of Search Engines and SEO

  • Local Search and Mobile
  • Social media – Where to spend time and resources, how to use social media as a silver bullet marketing tactic, and what to avoid.
  • Budgeting for Digital Marketing and Metrics for understanding ROI
  • Future Proofing Digital First Marketing for long term growth

Learn what you need to know to take a Digital First Approach to marketing, and how to scale and grow in a digitally and socially connected economy.

2. How to change your marketing mantra to grow your business in a digitally connected economy.

The digital economy has given us the ability to hyper target, personalize, and even predict the needs of our customers.  It has also given us the tools to know exactly what tactics are working to achieve brand awareness, reach and sales.

Entrepreneurs and small businesses have access to a global audience. There are no limits to a target audience with the ability to sell, ship and communicate anywhere.

“No business or industry has been left unaffected.  Business management, sales, marketing, customer relationship management, human resource management, Journalism, politics, and education have all been impacted.”


  • Learning and innovation has become easier and less expensive to access than ever before.
  • Accuracy in the delivery of messaging has become more efficient, more effective and less expensive.
  • Metrics and data are real time which allows on the fly optimization and adjustments – as well as accuracy in measuring ROI.

With all that the Internet and mobile connectivity has done to change consumer behaviour, we must re-define the goals and expected results for optimal performance and success. This session will show you why, and how to redefine the marketing mantra resulting in increased reach, sales and a measured ROI.

3. Predicting and Promoting Travel | The Future of Marketing Travel

Alicia has spent over a decade helping travel brands build successful digital and social media marketing campaigns.

Hear the latest trends in marketing tourism online, with tips and tricks to making social media marketing a success for hotels, destinations and suppliers of the travel and tourism industry.

4. Linked, Liked and Loaded – Turning Connections into Conversions

LinkedIn is a powerful networking tool, and so much more.

This session will show you how to use Linkedin and other social media platforms such as Twitter and YouTube to engage and convert business leads to sales.

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See what others have to say about Alicia

“It was a pleasure to have Alicia address our conference as our closing Keynote Speaker for the 2015 Travel and Tourism Research Association Canada conference. It was a great talk to bring together our thinking on where to next gain value from Social media. I would highly recommend Alicia with her knowledge and enthusiasm for digital and social media marketing.“

Dr. Kelly MacKay ~ Professor and Associate Dean Research & Graduate Programs | President, Travel and Tourism Research Association of Canada www.ttracanada.ca

“Alicia presented at the OMCA (Ontario Motor Coach) Canada Conference 2015 on a topic that sparked social media marketing ideas with our attendees. Her fresh and personable approach provided our audiences with new ways to think, and actionable steps to take with their businesses. I would highly recommend Alicia.”

Mardi Schueler ~ General Manager | OMCA – Ontario Motor Coach Association www.omca.com