"it doesn't matter how big the data
- but how smart you are with the data"

Alicia Whalen Digital First

Digital First Marketing Expert

I have witnessed the biggest shift in media, commerce, and the economy that this world has ever seen since starting my career in 2002. In just over 15 years, I have been lucky enough to have navigated through the evolution of Search, the dawn of Social Media, and now what I see as a Digital First economy.


In today’s world, you are not a brand or a business without a Digital First approach to marketing, sales, commerce, CRM, and even brand experience.

Access to WIFI and technology has transformed consumer behaviour and it has been fast. Just as marketers adapt budgets and resources to new channels—the game changes.

Algorithms change; Technology changes; Consumer behaviour changes—Fast.


Work with Alicia to map your Brand’s Digital First Marketing Strategy


My Digital First approach to marketing has evolved organically over the past decade as simply guiding and predicting the next top trends, and technology is not enough.

The Digital First Marketing model provides a practical approach to succeeding in a digital and social economy that is fast-evolving and can change on a dime. With a focus on leveraging the brand assets already in place, and scaling for long-term success, the model starts with defining goals for moving into a digital-first marketing approach.

Digital First Marketing modules include

The Website, Search and Local Search, Marketing and Technology, Social Media, and Measurement. All with an objective of delivering an action plan for succeeding in a digital first economy now and in the future.

Digital First Masterclass

Digital Marketing
Social Media
Tourism Marketing

Digital strategy is a must. Digital brand development and campaign execution should include: Website development and e-commerce solution, Search Engine Optimization [SEO], Paid Search [PPC] Marketing,  Content and Social Media marketing and Mobile optimization.

Process Innovation, and not just technology – is required in developing efficient and affective cross-platform Digital and Social Media marketing campaigns, website development, and multi-media marketing campaigns – with a focus on ROI.

There is an ROI in Social Media. Marketing with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest + YouTube, and LinkedIn have become essential. Tools and widgets are available that place valuable social stories at the point of transaction. From booking widgets to social publishing platforms, there are many marketing tools available to ensure you are measuring results.

Digital and Social media has impacted the way in which customers Search, Buy and Experience travel. From mastering TripAdvisor, to Social Selling on LinkedIn, tourism and travel marketers can learn from best practice case studies how to leverage new tools and technology to continue to drive online revenues.

Over the years

Alicia has been a speaker, a keynote speaker and on a number of panels within the travel and tourism hospitality marketing sector. She co-founded A Couple of Chicks e-Marketing a decade ago and was successful in creating an award-winning marketing company in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


Solving Social Media Chaos

This session will highlight how marketers should be managing & measuring digital and social media marketing initiatives.

  1. The new digitally connected consumer – what does that mean for marketers?
  2. Social media marketing and its impact on consumer buying.
  3. Social media marketing examples. Social media best practices and channels to pay attention to.
  4. What should the goals be for social media marketing?  How to identify & measure success.
  5. Integrating social media into marketing and consumer experience.
  6. Go-forward action items based on recommended social media channels and best practices.
Social Media Speaker Alicia Whalen

Liked, Linked & Loaded | Social Selling 101

How has Social Media changed Business to Business Networking, and Making use of Social Media to drive Sales

  1. How has Social Media changed B2B marketing?
  2. What is Social Selling?
  3. Why do we need to incorporate social media into business?
  4. Building High Results Profiles, Using Groups and other Tips to get started on Twitter & Linkedin,
  5. Engagement, Retention & Expansion Techniques.
  6. Prospecting and Marketing on LinkedIn and Twitter.
  7. Tips on building connections, how to use Hashtags, and leveraging social for sales.
Alicia Whalen Social Selling